Xplora 3U Platform

Xplora 3U CubeSat

Our compact, affordable, high-performance Xplora 3U CubeSat contains all the essentials to operate your payload. The Xplora 3U is a standardised platform that can be tailored to fit your mission needs, including secure communications, propulsion, high-speed data links and deployable solar panels. 

The Xplora 3U is perfect for: 

  • Technology in-orbit demonstration missions 

  • Educational missions 

  • Scientific missions 

  • IoT missions 

  • Radio communications missions 

  • Signal intelligence missions 

  • Commercial constellation missions 

  • Other missions with small payloads 

 The Xplora 3U can be customised allowing you to innovate and meet your mission goals, with payload volume and power suited to carrying advanced payloads in a single mission or multi-mission concepts.

Key Features 3U Platform
Available Payload
Pointing Accuracy
±0.003 deg (1-sigma) for 2 axes; ±0.007 deg (1-sigma) for 3rd axis
Pointing Stability
1 arc-sec over 1 sec
Orbit Knowledge
3m, 0.05m/s
Data Interfaces
SpaceWire, CAN, RS422 and TTL level UART
Onboard Data Storage
Battery Capacity
Solar Array Power
Payload Power
3.3V, 5.0V, 12V
Multiple electric and chemical propulsion systems available
Orbit Altitude / Orbit Lifetime
LEO > 5 years

Xplora Satellite Platforms

Xplora enables your missions for Earth orbit, planetary exploration, and deep space

Xplora 3U Platform

Low cost, high-performance CubeSat with industry-leading volume & power available for your payload.

Xplora 6U Platform

High power, large payload volume, combined with the choice of propulsion for mission optimisation

Xplora 8U Platform

Perfect for missions with large payloads, high power requirements and large data volume handling

Xplora 12U Platform

All the essentials needed for advanced missions with large payload volumes for customised  missions

Xplora 16U Platform

A powerful platform providing high-performance & flexibility with a large payload volume available

Iris 27U Platform

A cost-effective  solution for constellations & advanced missions, with 30 kg max payload capacity

X1 Athena

A versatile Microsat that can accommodate complex payloads and missions, scaleable with max payload capacity 100 kg

X2 Gaia

A compact, scaleable platform with flexibility for advanced missions, scaleable up to 300kg with max payload capacity 200kg

X3 Aegaion

The largest of our satellite platforms, flexible and scaleable up to 500kg with max payload capacity 300kg